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(Pictures) List of over 100 Multiracial Celebrities and People


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(Pictures) List of over 100 Multiracial Celebrities and People

June 10th, 2007 · 1 Comment

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Here’s a list of over 100 multiracial people including celebrities.

Who is Multiracial?

The definition of being multiracial differs from one society to the next, as do the boundaries dividing one perceived race from another. A basic definition would include anyone whose ancestry combines significant contributions from two or more perceived racial groups. However, many such people identify with one particular group over the others and do not consider themselves ‘multiracial’ or ‘mixed’ (see American rapper Slug), while others do (e.g. Tiger Woods). In some contexts, such as the United States, people with certain mixed ancestries are broadly considered to belong to only one group, as in the case of black Americans, who are usually considered ‘black’ or ‘African-American’ even if they have a significant amount of, for example, white ancestry.

In other contexts, mixing between two or more groups has occurred on such a widespread basis that the concept of being ‘multiracial’ is seen as largely irrelevant, as it defines the majority of the population. This is the case in many Latin American contries, such as Mexico, where, in addition to the indigenous and Spanish heritages, many people have additional diverse, mixed ancestries – from Middle Eastern to East Asian to Jewish to African – which are not considered to mark them as essentially different from the majority. (This does not necessarily cover the attitudes of the largely European-descended elites, however.)

The science around the concept of being multiracial, as with the science around the concept of race in general, is contentious and still in its infancy. While it is possible to trace a person’s ancestry back to different geographical regions and associated phenotypic groups based on their DNA, what this means is partially subjective, and is bound to be interpreted differently from one society, or one individual, to the next.

Multiracial Celebrities

Alicia Keys – Singer, Black father, Italian mother.

Allen and Albert Hughes – Directors, are Black and Armenian.

(photo n/a) Jenny Lumet – Actress, is the biracial granddaughter of Lena Horne – Jewish father, mother Gail Buckley (Horne).

Amarie – Singer, Black father, Korean mother.

Anais Granofsky – Actress, born in Canada in 1974 to a African American Mother and a Russian Jewish Canadian father.

Bob Marley – Singer, was Black and Caucasian.

Boris Kodjoe – Actor, his mother is German and his father is from Ghana, West Africa.

Brooklyn Sudano – Actress, her Mother (Donna Summer) is black and father (Bruce Sudano) is Italian.

Carmen Ejogo – Actress, her father was Nigerian, and her mother is White (Scottish).

Clark Johnson – Actor, his father is Black and his mother is White.

Cree Summer – Actress, her father is Mestizo (White and Cree Indian (actor Don Francks)), and her mother is Black. She does the voice of Susie in Rugrats.

Derek Jeter – Baseball player, black father and white mother.

Dorothy Dandridge – Actress, was of mixed racial heritage.

Eartha Kitt – Singer/actress, her father was White and her mother was Black Cherokee.

Faith Evans – Singer/actress, Black mother, White father.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Actor, White mother, Hispanic father.

Giancarlo Esposito – Actor, he has a Black mother and an Italian father.

Gina Belefonte – Actress and producer is the biracial daughter of singer Harry Belafonte and a White mother.

Gina Ravera – Actress, is half Puerto Rican and half Black.

Gloria Reuben – Actress, her father was White, her mother Black.

Grant Hill – Basketball player, Black father, bi-racial (black and white) mother.

Halle Berry –Actress, is the daughter of a White mother and a Black father who divorced when she was four.

Jasmine Guy – Singer/Actress, born to a Portuguese mother and a Black father and raised in Atlanta, GA.

Jaye Davidson – Actor, his father is Black (from Ghana) and his mother is White (English).

Jennifer Beals – Actress, her father is Black and her mother is White.

Jimi Hendrix – Singer, was Black, Caucasian and Cherokee.

Karyn Parsons – Actress, her father is White, her Mother is black.

Kelis – Singer, her father is black, her mother is Chinese/Puerto Rican.

Kidada Jones – Actress, sister of Rashida Jones, her father (Quincy Jones) is Black and her mother is White.

Kristoff St. John – Is of Caucasian and African American ancestry.

Leila Arcieri – Actress, her father is Italian and her mother is Black.

Lenny Kravitz – Singer, born to a Black mother and father of Jewish descent.

Lisa Bonet – Actress, born to a Jewish mother and a Black father. She was married to and later divorced singer Lenny Kravitz.

Lonette McKee – Singer/actress, her mother is Scandanavian and her father is Black.

Malcolm X – Activist, half African-American, quarter Grenadian, and quarter White American.

Mariah Carey – Singer/actress, has a Venezuelan/African-American father, and an Irish mother.

Mario Van Peebles – Actor, his father (filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles) is Black, his mother is White (German actress Maria Marx).

Maya Days – Actress, she is from a mixed Portuguese and African-American background.

Maya Rudolph – Actress, her father is White. Her mother (singer Minnie Ripperson) is Black.

Michael Michelle – Actress, her Mother is Black and her Father is White.

Mya – Singer, is of Black and Italian descent.

Naomi Campbell – Model, her mother is Black (Jamaican), her father is Multiracial, at least partly Chinese.

Nicole Ari Parker – Actress, White mother, Black father.

Nicole Lyn – Actress, her mother is Black and her father is of Chinese descent.

Persia White – Actress, her father is Black Bahamian and her mother is a White American.

Philip Michael Thomas – Actor, is of biracial descent.

Rachel True – Actress, she is half Black and half White but hasn’t said who is what.

Rae Dawn Chong – Actress, is the daughter of comedian Tommy Chong (white-Chinese) and Black mother.

Rain Pryor – Actress, is the biracial daughter of comedian Richard Pryor and White mother.

Rashida Jones – Actress, her father (Quincy Jones) is Black and her mother (Peggy Lipton) is White.

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) – Pro Wrestler/Actor, is of Black/Samoan descent.

Rowland Gift – Singer (Fine Young Cannibals), is the son of Black and Caucasian parents.

Rosario Dawson – Actress, quoted as saying, “I’m Puerto Rican, Black, Cuban, Irish and Native American.”

Sade – Singer, is of Nigerian and British descent.

Salli Richardson – Actress, is the daughter of African American-Cherokee mother and Italian-Irish father.

Samantha Mumba – Singer and actress, she is half Irish and half African.

Shemar Moore – Actor, his father is Black and his mother is White.

Sherri Saum – Actress, her mother is White (German) and her father is Black.

Shirley Bassey – Singer, her parents are Nigerian and British.

Smokey Robinson – Singer, is of Black and Caucasian descent.

Soledad O’Brian – Reporter/News anchor, her father is Australian (his parents are Irish, hence the surname ‘O’Brien’) her mother, is Black of Cuban heritage.

Sophie Okonedo – Actress, her mother is Jewish and her father is Nigerian.

Stacy Dash – Actress, she is of West Indian (Black) and Aztec Indian descent.

Susan Fales-Hill – Writer/producer, she was born in Rome, Italy and raised in New York City. She was born to an Italian father and Black mother. Niece of Diahanne Carrol and sister of actor Enrico Fales.

Sydney Tamiia Poitier – Actress, her father, Sidney Poitier, is Black, her mother is White.

Tahj Mowry – Actor, younger brother of Tia & Tamara Mowry. His dad is White, and his mother African-American.

Taimak Guari (Guarriello) – Actor, his father is White (Italian) and his mother is Black.

Tamara Taylor – Actress, is the daughter of a black musician father originally from Nova Scotia and a white property manager mother of Scottish descent.

Tamia – Singer, Black mother, White father.

Tammy Townsend – Actess, her father is White (English and Yugoslavian) and her mother is Black.

Thandie Newton – Actress, was born on November 6, 1972 to a British father, an artist, and Zimbabwean mother.

Tia & Tamara Mowry – Actresses, identical twin stars of the show “Sister Sister” on the WB. Their dad is White, their mother African-American.

Tina Turner – Singer/actress, is Black and Native American.

Eldrick “Tiger” Woods – Golpher, mother is Thai, describes himself as one quarter black, one quarter Thai, one quarter Chinese, one eighth white, and one eighth American Indian and has penned the term “Cablinasian,” to describe himself.

Tracee Ellis Ross – Actress, her mother (Diana Ross) is Black, her father is White.

Traci Bingham – Actress, her father is Native American and her Mother is Black and Italian.

Trevor Penick – Singer, his father is Black and his mother is White.

Troy Beyer – Actress, is the biracial daughter of Black mother, Jewish father.

Tyson Beckford – Model, Grandmother is Chinese, his mother is Chinese and Black.

Vanity – Actress, is of biracial descent.

Victoria Rowell – Actress, her mother was White her father was Black.

Vin Diesel – Actor. (You can put a question mark by this one.) Born Mark Vincent in New York City on November 1967. He doesn’t like to get too specific about his background. He’s Italian and a lot of other things. One of his fan clubs says, “His father is black. His mother is Irish, and he’s also got some Dominican, Mexican, German and Italian thrown in.” It seems that nobody knows for sure. When asked directly to resolve the issue, Mr. Diesel does admit that he is both multiracial and multinational, but he avoids specifics.

Walter Mosley – Writer, is Black and Caucasian.

Wentworth Miller – Actor, his father is Black his mother White.



List of multiracial people


* Paula Abdul, singer and entertainer, mother was Jewish and of Eastern European descent and lived in Quebec, Canada, father was Jewish and of Brazilian-Syrian descent.
* Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, former basketball player, Black mother and White father
* Christina Aguilera, singer, Half Ecuadorian [father], Half Irish [mother]
* Angela Aki, Mother is Italian-American and father is Japanese
* Jessica Alba, actress, Native Mexican and Spanish father and mother of Danish and French ancestry.
* Tatyana Ali, actress, Afro-Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father of East Indian descent
* Shola Ama, singer, half Dominican, quarter Irish and quarter Scottish.
* Amerie, singer, African-American and Korean
* Amil, singer, her father is African-American and mother European\Cherokee
* Namie Amuro, ¼ Italian and Okinawan/Japanese
* Carmelo Anthony, Puerto Rican father, African-American mother
* Leila Arcieri, Italian father and African-American mother
* Devon Aoki, model, Japanese, German, and English
* Corazon Aquino, President of the Philippines (1986-1992), ¼ Chinese. Aquino also has Spanish and Filipino roots
* Crispus Attucks, Native American and African American, victim of Boston Massacre
* Maulana Azad, Indian freedom fighter and member of the Indian National Congress; Indian/Afghan father and Arabian mother.



* B5, teenage R&B band, African-American mother and white father
* Carmit Bachar, member of The Pussycat Dolls, Israeli, Indonesian, Dutch, and Chinese descent
* Alley Baggett, model, Spanish, Filipino
* Lloyd Banks, G-Unit rapper, Puerto Rican mother and African-American father
* Benjamin Banneker, African-white English, mathematician, helped lay out the city of Washington, DC
* Aviel Barclay, first certified female Hebrew scribe, Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jewish, Basque, Norwegian, English, Scottish-Canadian
* Lynda Barry, 1/2 white 1/2 Filipina, cartoonist
* Kim Basinger, actress, Irish, Swedish, and Native American Cherokee
* Jean-Michel Basquiat, artist, Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother
* Batista, professional wrestler, Greek mother, Filipino father
* Dame Shirley Bassey, singer, Nigerian and English
* Jennifer Beals, actress, black father and white Irish American mother
* Kate Beckinsale, actress, 1/8th Burmese, English
* Tyson Beckford, supermodel, father is Jamaican, and mother is biracial (1/2 black and 1/2 Chinese/American
* Halle Berry, actress, a white British-American mother and a Black father
* Mike Bibby, athlete, Caucasian father and African-Trinidadian mother
* Bindusara, Mauryan emperor of India. Indian father and Greek mother
* Traci Bingham, actress, Native American father, Black and Italian mother
* David Blaine, magician, Puerto Rican father and Jewish mother
* Lisa Bonet, actress, Jewish mother, African American father
* Michelle Branch, musician, Indonesian (i.e. Javanese), Dutch, French, Roma (Gypsy), and Irish
* Cheyenne Brando, daughter of Marlon Brando (white) and Tarita Teriipia (Tahitian father, Chinese mother)
* Donald Brashear, hockey player, white Canadian mother and black American father
* Benjamin Bratt, actor, Quechua (Inca) from Peru, German, and English
* Melanie Brown, singer (Mel B of the Spice Girls), white English mother, Black Caribbean island of Navis father
* Sharon Bruneau, bodybuilder and fitness model, Métis, French Canadian
* Yul Brynner, actor, Swiss German-Mongolian father, Russian and Jewish mother.
* Cindy Burbridge, model, Miss Thailand World 1996, actress, VJ for Channel [V] Malaysia, English father,English, Thai and Indian mother
* Cheryl Burke, dancer, 1/2 Filipino and 1/2 Caucasian
* Alexander Bustamante, politician, Irish, English, Spanish, and African



* Dean Cain, actor, Japanese, French, Irish and Welsh (1/4 each)
* Roy Campanella, baseball star, black and Italian
* Ben Nighthorse Campbell, United States Senator, Native American and Portuguese
* Naomi Campbell, model, 1/8 Chinese and 7/8 African-Jamaican
* John Carew, Norwegian international football player, Norwegian mother, Gambian father
* Mariah Carey, singer, Afro-Venezuelan father, Irish-American mother.
* Charisma Carpenter, actress, Mexican and Cherokee descent.
* Tia Carrere, actress, Filipina, Chinese and Spanish
* Keisha Castle-Hughes, actress, 1/2 Maori and 1/2 white Australian.
* Phoebe Cates, Russian Jewish father, Filipina mother
* Sir Julius Chan, former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Chinese father, Papuan mother
* Carol Channing, actress, father half German-American, half African-American, white mother
* Keshia Chanté – Canadian singer [1] “the only child of a Trinidadian father and a Portuguese mother…”
* Edison Chen – singer/actor, 7/8 chinese, 1/8 portuguese
* Cher – singer/entertainer, Armenian father, Cherokee mother
* Steven Cheung – Hong Kong singer, Chinese father, Dutch mother
* Brian Ching, USA international soccer player, Chinese and Hawaiian
* Liz Cho, ABC News/WABC-TV anchor and reporter
* Susan Choi, Author, Korean and Russian-Jewish
* Marcus Chong, actor, son of Tommy Chong, Chinese and French-Scottish-Irish father, black mother
* Rae Dawn Chong, actress, daughter of Tommy Chong, Chinese and French-Scottish-Irish father, black mother
* Tommy Chong, comedian, Chinese father, French-Scottish-Irish Canadian mother
* China Chow, actress, English, French, Japanese, and Chinese
* Doug Christie, NBA player, born to an African-American father and Caucasian mother
* Gordon Pai’ea Chung-Hoon Navy Rear Admiral, half-Hawaiian, white and Chinese
* Keith Hirabayashi Cooke, actor, Japanese mother and Scottish father
* Lola Corwin, model, Korean-American
* Jamie Cullum, British musician, 1/2 Burmese, 1/2 White
* Ann Curry, journalist, Japanese mother, white father
* Charles Curtis, American Vice-President (1929-1933), Native American mother



* Martin Dahlin, Swedish football (soccer) player, black and Swedish
* Johnny Damon, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, father is white, mother is Thai
* Dorothy Dandridge, actress, mixed of black and white ancestry
* Ron Darling, baseball player, Chinese, Hawaiian, Caucasian
* Stacey Dash, actress, West Indian and Aztec Indian descent
* Craig David, singer, English and Jewish mother, black father
* Jaye Davidson, actor, English mother and Ghanaian father
* Rosario Dawson, actress, Puerto Rican, Afro-Cuban, Irish and Native American
* Michael DeLorenzo, actor/singer/dancer, Italian father, Puerto Rican mother
* Will Demps, of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, African-American father, Korean mother
* Johnny Depp, actor, of Irish, German, and Cherokee descent
* F.W. de Klerk, last Apartheid-era President of South Africa (1989-1994); acknowledges in his autobiography some Indian ancestry that his family had previously kept secret (and which would have legally disqualified him from holding office)
* Vin Diesel, actor, African American father, mother of Irish, Scottish, and Italian
* Diana DeGarmo, American Idol season 3 finalist Italian and Mexican
* Fefe Dobson, Canadian rock singer, Jamaican, Asian, and white
* Casey Donovan, Australian singer and winner of Australian Idol 2, white mother, part(??) Indigenous Australian father
* Frederick Douglass, civil rights activist, writer, black, white and Native American
* W. E. B. Du Bois, activist, French, Dutch, African American
* Alexandre Dumas, French author, one-quarter black and three-quarters white
* James Duval, American actor, French, Vietnamese, Irish, and Native American.
* Mervyn M. Dymally, former US Congressman, Indian, African, white



* Sheila E, American musicain, Mexican father and African American mother.
* Megalyn Echikunwoke, actress, Nigerian father and Navajo Indian mother
* Carmen Ejogo, actress, white Scottish mother, black Nigerian father
* Carmen Electra, model/actress, Irish, German, Cherokee
* Shannon Elizabeth, actress, father Lebanese of Syrian descent, mother is of French, English, and Native American descent
* Yvonne Elliman, singer, Japanese, white
* Giancarlo Esposito, actor, African American mother and Italian father
* Faith Evans, singer, African-American mother and Italian-American father



* Brett Favre, athlete, white and Choctaw
* China Forbes, American singer/songwriter and member of Pink Martini, White father (of French and Scottish descent), Black mother
* Melyssa Ford, video model, 1/2 white and 1/2 black. (Black mother, white father)
* Patricia Ford, adult model, German, Chinese, Hawaiian, Irish and Portuguese ancestry
* Rick Fox, professional basketball player, white Canadian mother, and black Bahamian father
* Redd Foxx, comedian, 3/4 black and 1/4 Cherokee Indian.
* Foxy Brown, American rapper, of mixed-race Trinidadian descent.
* Brooke Fraser, singer/songwriter, Samoan/Fijian/Scottish/Spanish descent
* Lil’ Fizz of B2K 3/4 African-American and 1/4 white (biracial/Mulatto mother and African-American father with some Native-American heritage)
* Rainbow Sun Francks, actor/songwriter, black Cree mother and Anglo-Native Canadian father
* Jennifer Freeman, American actress, black mother, white father
* Grant Fuhr, ice hockey star, black and white
* Edward Furlong, actor/singer, Russian and Mexican
* Tani Lynn Fujimoto – American actress/singer [2] “Tani Lynn, a perfect blend of German, Scottish, Polish, French, English, Native American and Japanese ancestry…”



* Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, Indian politicians (and siblings), Indian father (Rajiv Gandhi), Italian mother (Sonia Gandhi)
* David Gallagher, actor, Irish and Cuban
* Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 1/2 African-American and 1/2 European-American
* Crystal Gayle, singer, Irish and Cherokee
* Rebecca Gayheart, actress, Irish, Italian, German and Cherokee Indian heritage
* Yasmeen Ghauri, supermodel, Pakistani father, German mother
* Raquel Gibson, model, Italian and Filipino, Playboy Playmate
* Roland Gift, lead singer of Fine Young Cannibals, half black and half white.
* Asha Gill, model, TV host, actress, VJ, writer, DJ, producer, women’s rights activist, spokesperson for Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women campaign, father Punjabi-Malaysian, mother English-French
* Jason Gillespie, Australian cricketer, 1/8 Kamilaroi Australian
* Ryan Giggs, British Footballer, Black Welsh father, White Welsh mother
* Malcolm Gladwell, writer for The New Yorker, author of The Tipping Point, mother Jamaican, father Caucasian
* Goldie, musician, Jamaican and Scottish
* Tony Gonzalez, American football star, Hispanic, African American, Native American, Jamaican, Cape Verdean
* Mark-Paul Gosselaar, actor, Dutch, Indonesian
* George Gregan, Australian Rugby player, half Zambian, half white
* Danny Graves, baseball pitcher, white father, Vietnamese mother
* Emm Gryner, Canadian pop singer, white and Filipino
* Justin Guarini, American Idol season 1 finalist, African, Irish, and Italian.
* Jasmine Guy, actress, black father and white mother



* Kirk Hammett, guitarist, White father, Filipino mother
* Mata Hari, dancer, spy, Dutch father, Javanese mother
* Ben Harper, musician, black father (half Cherokee paternal grandmother) and Russian Jewish mother
* Ciara (Ciara Harris), singer/actress, Creole, German and Irish ancestry
* Franco Harris, American football star, black father and Italian mother
* Reika Hashimoto, American actress, Japanese and Hispanic
* Salma Hayek, actress, Mexican mother and Lebanese father
* Sally Hemings, former slave, 3/4 white, 1/4 Black
* Jimi Hendrix, American musician, white Irish, black, Cherokee
* Daniel Henney, half-British, half-Korean
* Cindy Herron, Singer, her father is black and mother is white
* George Herriman, cartoonist, mulatto
* Dan Hill, Canadian singer-songwriter, white and black
* Grant Hill, basketball player, 3/4 black and 1/4 white (Biracial black/white mother, and black father)
* Lawrence Hill, Canadian author (Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada), white and black
* Don Ho, singer, Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, German
* Kian and Remee Hodgson twins, half black and half white
* Kelly Holmes, British athlete, Jamaican biological father, white English mother
* Lena Horne, singer, mixed of black, white, and Native American ancestry
* Terrence Dashon Howard, American actor, 1/2 black, 1/2 white (father half-black, half-white, mother half black, half-white)
* Tim Howard, American soccer star, black father, Hungarian mother
* Jade Hsu, adult actress, Korean, white
* Kelly Hu, actress, Chinese, Hawaiian, English
* Vanessa Anne Hudgens – American actress [3] “a Filipino, Chinese, and Latina background from her mom and a mix of Irish and American Indian from her dad, Vanessa is able to incorporate both backgrounds into her daily lifestyle.”
* Langston Hughes, poet, African American and Native American
* Hughes Brothers, filmmakers, black and Armenian
* Nadya Hutagalung, model, Indonesian (i.e. Bataknese), and Australian



* Jarome Iginla, NHL star, black father and white mother
* Enrique Iglesias, singer, father Spanish, mother Spanish-Filipino-mestiza
* Carrie Ann Inaba, dancer, choreographer, actress, singer, and judge on Dancing with the Stars, Japanese, Chinese and Irish



* Jhene, R&B singer, Japanese, Native American and African American.
* Derek Jeter, baseball star, African American father and white American mother
* Bhumi Jensen, was a grandson of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, mother is Thai and father is white American
* Ploypailin Jensen, and Sirikitiya Jensen, daughters of princess Ubol Ratana and sisters of Bhumi Jensen, their mother is Thai and father white American
* Patrick Johnson, Australian sprinter, white father, Indigenous Australian mother
* Romina Johnson, singer, black American father, Italian mother
* Angelina Jolie, actress, of Czech, French, and Iroquois descent
* Jill Jones, singer/songwriter, black American mother, Italian father
* Noel Jones, first British ambassador from an ethnic minority, Anglo-Indian
* Norah Jones, musician, Indian father (Ravi Shankar), white American mother
* Pei Te Hurinui Jones (d. 1976), President of the New Zealand Maori Council, his mother was Tainui Maori, his father Jewish
* Rashida Jones and Kidida Jones, daughters of Quincy Jones (African American) and Peggy Lipton (white Jewish American)
* Jon Jonsson, model, Thai mother and a father from Iceland
* Claudia Jordan, former model on the daytime game show The Price is Right, African-American father, Italian mother
* Malese Jow, actress; Chinese, Cherokee and European



* Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter, mother mestiza Mexican and father German [4]
* Stacy Kamano, actress, Japanese, German, Polish, and Russian
* Danny Kamekona, actor, 1/2 Hawaiian, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Japanese
* Kiri Te Kanawa, New Zealander opera singer, from Maori and white parents
* Maya Karin, actress, 1/2 German, Chinese, Indian and Malay mother
* Paul Kariya, ice hockey star, Japanese, Scottish-Canadian
* Boris Karloff, actor, English mother and possible East Indian father
* Crystal Kay, singer, 1/2 African American and 1/2 Korean
* Michael Kearney, former child prodigy, white American father, Japanese mother
* Andrew Keegan, actor, Colombian, Irish, and German
* Kelis, singer, father black, mother Chinese-Puerto Rican
* Denise Keller, model, Chinese and German
* Alicia Keys, singer, Irish/Italian mother, Jamaican father
* Skandar Keynes, actor, English, Irish, and Lebanese
* Christel Khalil, actress, her mother is African-American and her father is Pakistani.
* Ian Khama, Vice-President of Botswana, African father, English mother
* Jason Kidd, basketball star, black father and white mother
* Q’Orianka Kilcher, singer/actress, Peruvian father from the Quechua/Huachipaeri ethnic group, Swiss mother.
* Ben Kingsley, (born Krishna Banji) actor, father was an Gujarati Indian from Kenya, mother of mixed English and Jewish descent
* Eartha Kitt, singer, black Cherokee mother and white father
* Beyonce Knowles, singer/actress, Creole (African American, French, Native American)
* Boris Kodjoe, German mother and Ghanaian-West African father
* Jennifer KornKosar, poet/vocalist, 1/2 Thai, 1/4 German, 1/4 Portuguese
* Josh Koscheck, professional wrestler, African-American mother, Polish father
* Lenny Kravitz, singer, Russian Jewish father, black Bahamian mother (Roxie Roker)
* Kristin Kreuk, actress, 1/2 Indonesian Chinese, 1/2 Dutch
* Femi Kuti, Afrobeat musician, son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Nigerian father and white mother
* Nancy Kwan, actress, 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 British/Scottish



* Wifredo Lam, artist, Chinese, African, Spanish
* Rachael Lampa, gospel singer, 1/2 Filipino, 1/4 Hungarian, 1/4 Irish
* Derrick Lang, writer, black/Native American, white
* Henrik Larsson, Swedish football (soccer) star, Swedish and Cape Verdean
* Marie Laveau, voodoo queen, black and white
* Sabrina Le Beauf, actress, mixed of black and white ancestry
* Brandon Lee, actor, 5/8 German/Swedish, 3/8 Chinese
* Bruce Lee, martial artist, actor, 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 German
* Jason Scott Lee, actor, 3/4 Chinese, 1/4 Hawaiian
* Michael Lee-Chin, Jamaican businessman, 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 Black
* Rose Leonard, American neo-eugenicist, 1/2 Chinese, 1/2 White
* Paulo Leminski, Brazilian poet and writer, Polish, and Afro-Brazilian
* Noémie Lenoir, model & actress, French father, Madagascar mother
* Sean Lennon, musician (and son of Beatle John Lennon), Welsh-Irish father, Japanese mother
* Keri Lewis, musician, husband of musician Toni Braxton, white American mother, black American father
* Adriana Lima, top model, she is of French, Portuguese, Brazilian Indian and Afro-Brazilian (of West Indian ancestry) descent.
* Laquita Lin, adult actress, blackanese (half-black, half-Japanese)
* Allen Pineda Lindo, member of the hip-hop group, The Black Eyed Peas, half Filipino and half African
* John Lone, actor, Chinese and English
* Olivia Longott, singer, Jamaican mother and Cuban, Indian & Dominican father
* Vernetta Lopez, actress, Chinese, Portuguese, Malay, Thai
* Greg Louganis, athlete, Samoan biological father and Swedish biological mother
* Nicole Lyn, actress, mother is Jamaican and her father is of Chinese descent
* Loretta Lynn, singer, Irish and very distant Cherokee Indian
* Phil Lynott, lead singer of Thin Lizzy, Afro-Brazilian father and Irish mother



* Shaun Majumder, comedian, white Canadian mother, Indian father
* Michael Manley, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, mostly Irish and England, some African
* Norman Manley, Premier of Jamaica, Irish, English, and African
* Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, long-time Fijian Prime Minister and President (1920-2004), father Fijian, mother Tongan with some English ancestry
* Bob Marley, musician, Black (Jamaican) mother and British (Syrian Jewish) father
* Amanda Marshall, musician, black (Trinidadian) mother and white (Canadian) father
* Nicolás Massú, tennis player, Jewish/Hungarian mother and Arab father
* Bryton McClure, actor and singer, mixed of black and white ancestry.
* Karen McDougal+, American model, 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Cherokee
* Paul McGrath, Irish international footballer, Irish mother and Ghanaian father
* Bird McIntyre, Thai pop and Luk Thung singer, 3/4 Thai 1/4 Scottish
* John Melendez, Puerto Rican father and Danish mother, aka Stuttering John
* Wentworth Miller, American actor, father is African-American, Jamaican, English and German Jewish, mother is French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese
* Candice Michelle,WWE diva Panamanian and German
* Charles Mingus, musician, 1/2 African-American, 1/4 Chinese, 1/8 Swedish and German
* Vanessa Minnillo, American MTV VJ and TRL Host, 1/2 Filipino, 1/2 White
* Saira Mohan, model, Indian, French, Irish
* Karen Mok, Hong Kong-based actress, 1/2 Chinese, 1/4 Welsh (Paternal Grandfather), 1/8 Iranian, and 1/8 German
* Mandy Moore, singer, Jewish and English on her mother’s side, Irish and Cherokee Indian on her father’s
* Shemar Moore, actor, father African American and mother white
* Naima Mora, top model, African-American, Mexican, Indian and Irish
* Bárbara Mori, Mexican actress, Japanese & Uruguayan father and Mexican mother.
* Chad and Johnnie Morton, American football players, Black father and Japanese mother
* Walter Mosley, writer, black father and Jewish mother
* Tia and Tamera Mowry and Tahj Mowry, actors, black mother and white father
* Mya, singer, Jamaican father and Italian mother
* Samantha Mumba, pop singer and actress, Zambian father and Irish Mother
* Koji Murofushi, Olympic hammer thrower, half Japanese and half Romanian



* Evan Ross Naess, actor, African-American mother, Diana Ross, Norwegian father, Arne Naess, half-brother of actress Tracee Ellis Ross
* Hikaru Nakamura, International Grandmaster, Japanese father and white American mother
* MiMi Nakashima, underground R&B singer, mother is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Japanese, father was Puerto Rican
* Thandie Newton, actress, British father and Zimbabwean mother
* Angela Nissel, author, mother is African-American, father is White
* N.O.R.E., born Victor Santiago, Puerto Rican father, African American mother
* Chuck Norris, actor, both parents half white and half Cherokee
* France Nuyen, actress, French mother and Vietnamese father



* Barack Obama, U.S. Senator, Kenyan father and white American mother
* Merle Oberon actress, Anglo-Irish father and Anglo-Sinhalese mother
* Dan O’Brien, decathlon star, black and Finnish
* Soledad O’Brien, television personality, Irish/Australian father, Afro-Cuban mother
* Olivia Olson, singer/actress, Swedish mother, Jamaican and Native American father.
* Apolo Anton Ohno, short track speed skater, father Japanese, mother Italian
* Sophie Okonedo, British actress, Jewish mother, black Nigerian father



* Monica Pang, Miss Georgia 2005 (represented her state in the Miss America 2006 pageant), Chinese father, white mother
* Amit Paul, member of the A*Teens( Swedish mother, Indian father.)
* Sean Paul, hip hop/reggae artist, black,white, and Chinese (Mother is 1/2 black and 1/2 Chinese, father is white.)
* Suzee Pai, model, actress, Chinese, white
* Tony Parker, French NBA star, African American father, Dutch mother
* Karyn Parsons, “Hilary” from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, white father, black mother
* Tera Patrick, porn actress, Thai mother, Jewish father
* Nia Peeples, actress, French, German, Filipino and Spanish
* Leonard Peltier, prison author and AIM member, Lakota, Anishinaabe, and French
* Trevor Penick, black father and white mother
* Russell Peters, is a Canadian stand-up comic, Anglo-Indian from both sides of the family.
* Lou Diamond Phillips, actor, father Scottish/Irish/Cherokee, mother Filipino/Hawaiian/Chinese/Spanish
* Jada Pinkett-Smith 3/4 African American, 1/4 Caucasian (biracial/mulatto mother and African-American father)
* Tamiia Poitier, black father (Sidney Poitier) and white mother
* Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., clergyman, black mother, white father
* Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., politician and civil rights leader, 3/4 black and 1/4 white, his father was half white and half black, his mother was black
* Juliette Powell, Canadian television personality, black and white
* Elvis Presley, American musician, white, Native American and Jewish on mother’s side
* Isabel Preysler, Spanish model and journalist, mother of Enrique Iglesias Spanish and Fillipino
* Rain Pryor, actress, daughter of Richard Pryor and Jewish mother
* Aleksandr Pushkin, most famous Russian poet, ⅞ Russian, ⅛ Ethiopian



* Laisenia Qarase, Prime Minister of Fiji, has Tongan and Jewish ancestors, as well as Fijian
* Maggie Quigley, known as Maggie Q, model and actress, Vietnamese mother and White American father



* Jo Ralston, model, “Polynesian poster girl”, German, Filipino
* Jerry Rawlings, former President of Ghana, Scottish father, Ghanaian mother
* Keanu Reeves, actor, father Chinese, Hawaiian and Irish, mother British
* Christopher “Kid” Reid, actor, comedian, African-American father and Jewish mother
* Michelle Reis (Michelle Monique Reis) (Chinese: 李嘉欣; Hanyu Pinyin: Lǐ Jiāxīn), actress, 1/2 Portuguese, 1/2Chinese
* Gloria Reuben, actress, black (Jamaican) mother and white (Canadian) father
* Alfonso Ribeiro, actor, Dominican
* Santino Rice, fashion designer, African American mother, Caucasian father
* George Maxwell Richards, President of Trinidad and Tobago, Chinese, European, African, Carib (Amerindian)
* Nicole Richie, socialite, White mother, African-American father
* José Rizal, Filipino Revolutionist, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino
* Smokey Robinson, singer, African American, White
* Dave Roberts, outfielder for the San Diego Padres, African-American father and Japanese mother
* The Rock, professional wrestler, actor, Samoan mother and Black Canadian father
* Taya Rogers, actress, ½ Thai, ½ White
* Thomas Rolfe, Virginia colonist, English and Native American
* Sonia Rolland, actress and former Miss France, mother Rwandan (Tutsi), father French
* Tracee Ellis Ross, actress, black mother (Diana Ross) and Jewish father
* Maya Rudolph, comedian, black mother (Minnie Riperton) and Jewish father
* Bic Runga, singer/songwriter, Maori father, Malaysian-Chinese mother



* Sade, singer, Nigerian father and British mother.
* Michelle Saram, actress, singer and model, half Chinese, half Indian.
* Tura (Yamaguchi) Satana, model, actress, Japanese, Scottish, Irish, Apache
* Randy Savage, professional wrestler, 3/4 white and 1/4 black- biracial white/black father (Angelo Poffo) and white Italian mother
* Nicole Scherzinger, lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, Hawaiian, Filipina and Russian descent
* Rob Schneider, actor, comedian, 1/4 European, 1/2 Jewish, 1/4 Filipino.
* Bobby Scott, 3/4 African American, 1/4 Filipino
* Andy Scott-Lee, former singer, ¾ British, ¼ Chinese
* Silvia Sommerlath, Queen of Sweden, father German, mother Brazilian.
* Lisa Scott-Lee, former singer, ¾ British, ¼ Chinese
* Lisa Marie Scott, Playboy Playmate, Swiss-German and Scottish father and Japanese mother
* Mary Seacole, nurse, Scottish father and a Jamaican mulatto mother
* Samuel Selvon, author, Indo-Trinidadian and Scottish
* Sequoyah, white and Cherokee
* Mai Shanley, Miss U.S.A. 1984, Irish, Thai
* Mike Shinoda, emcee for Linkin Park, Russian-Hungarian and Japanese
* Kimora Lee Simmons, Baby Phat CEO, Black father, Japanese mother
* Gurmit Singh, Singaporean actor, half Punjabi, Chinese, and Japanese
* Kay Sivilay, model, Thai, Lao, Chinese, French
* Tomika Skanes, model, African-American father, Korean mother
* Slash (aka Saul Hudson), musician, English Jewish father, black mother
* Iain Duncan Smith, British politician, ⅞ British, ⅛ Japanese
* Jimmy Smits, father Surinamese, mother Puerto Rican
* Ian Somerhalder, actor\model, Irish, French, English, and Native American descent
* Zadie Smith, Jamaican mother, English father
* Sonja Sohn, actress, Korean-American and African American
* Shannyn Sossamon, actress, she is of French, Native Hawaiian, Dutch, Irish, Filipino and German descent
* Sowelu, J-pop singer, 3/4 Japanese, 1/4 Irish
* Ronnie Spector, singer, White, Black and Native American
* Ricky Steamboat, professional wrestler, white American father and Japanese mother.
* Earnie Stewart, American soccer star, black father, Dutch mother
* Cree Summer, actress, voice-over artist and singer, black Cree mother and Anglo-Native Canadian father
* Daniel Sunjata, actor, African American, German, and Irish



* Lee Tamahori, film director, Maori father, British mother
* Vivien Tan, radio DJ and model, white, Chinese and Malay (Peranakan)
* J. R. D. Tata, businessman, father Indian and mother French
* Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, composer, black and white
* Karin Taylor, model, Jamaican, Chinese, Brazilian
* Renee Tenison, Playboy Playmate of the Year for 1989, and her identical twin sister Rosie Tenison, model, black and white
* Stephen Thanabalan, Singaporean model/journalist, 1/2 Indian, 1/2 Chinese
* Khleo Thomas [5] “Khleo Thomas… has a Moroccan Jewish mother and an African American father…”
* Tessa Thompson, actress, African American, Mexican and Creole descent
* Nautica Thorn, pornstar, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Puerto Rican
* Dimitri Tsafendas, assassin of South African prime minister Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, mother black Mozambiquen ,father Greek.
* Billy Bob Thornton, actor, Irish, Italian, Native American Choctaw
* Melody Thornton, member of The Pussycat Dolls, African American, and Mexican
* Jennifer Tilly and Meg Tilly, actresses, Chinese and White Canadian
* Kiana Tom, American model, actress, Chinese, Hawaiian and Irish
* Anote Tong, President of Kiribati, Chinese father, Gilbertese mother
* Jordin Tootoo, hockey player, Ukrainian-Canadian mother, Inuit father
* Viktor Tsoi (Виктор Цой), Russian rock artist, father Korean, mother Russian
* Lisa Tucker, singer, African American and Belizean.
* Christy Turlington, top model, Her father is European-American and her mother from El Salvador
* Tina Turner, singer and actress, Black, Native American



* Adaora Udoji, CNN News correspondent, black Nigerian father, white American mother
* Rory Underwood, English rugby player, father British, mother Chinese
* Tony Underwood, English rugby player, father British, mother Chinese
* Takako Uehara, Japanese pop singer, former member of SPEED. Japanese, white.
* David Usher, Canadian rock musician, Thai and Jewish
* Peter Ustinov, actor, German, Russian, Italian, French, and Ethiopian



* Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Dutch footballer, Dutch and Indonesian parentage
* Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, musicians, Dutch, Indonesian
* Mario Van Peebles, actor, black father and German mother
* Camile Velasco, American Idol season 3 finalist, Filipina, Irish, and Spanish.
* Milo Ventimiglia, actor, father is Italain and mother is English, Irish, Scottish, French, Indian and Cherokee Native American
* Lalaine Vergara-Paras, actress, 3/4 Filipino and 1/4 Spanish



* Derek Walcott, poet, black and white
* Hines Ward, NFL player; black father and Korean mother
* Booker T. Washington, educator, black and white
* Tamia Washington, Canadian R&B singer (and wife of NBA basketball star Grant Hill), French Canadian father, Black Canadian mother
* André Watts, concert pianist, half African American and Hungarian
* Robert Wedderburn, political reformer, father Scottish, mother an enslaved African
* Shan Wee, UK radio DJ, Chinese father, British mother
* Raquel Welch, (formerly Tejada) is an actress of a Bolivian (Incan) father and Caucasian mother
* Eric West, American actor and singer, black, Hispanic and white
* April Wilkner, model, she is half-Japanese and half-Caucasian
* Deron Williams, half black and white
* Vanessa L. Williams, singer and actress, 1/2 white and 1/2 black.(Both parents were 1/2 white and 1/2 black)
* August Wilson, playwright most noted for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, of mixed black and white heritage
* Craig Wing, Australian rugby league player, father white, mother Filipino
* Persia White, actress (Girlfriends), Bahamian black father, white mother
* Walter White, civil rights activist, black and white
* Holly Woodlawn, Puerto Rican and German
* Tiger Woods, professional golfer, ¼ African-American, ¼ Chinese, ¼ Thai, ⅛ Cherokee, ⅛ Dutch
* Rod Woodson, American football star, white and black
* Michael Wong, Hong Kong-based actor and brother of Russell Wong, Chinese, French, Dutch, Native American
* Russell Wong, actor, Chinese, French, Dutch, Native American
* Pete Wentz Bassist for Fall Out Boy , Caucasian and Polynesian desent.



* Malcolm X, 3/4 African-American and ¼ white American



* Lindsey Yamasaki, WNBA professional basketball player, Japanese American father, white American mother
* Tata Young, Thai pop music singer and actress, half white European half Thai

List is Courtesy of Blackflix.com.

Anyone you’d like to add? Please do comment!

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